Timeless charger celebrates 300’000 pieces shipped milestone

The timeless and effective design of the PAC800 family by Powerfinn (part of Micropower Group) has proven itself time and again on the battery charger market. It has now reached the milestone of over 300’000 pieces shipped units around the world.

PAC800 (also known as Sharp 20 and ABC) battery charger has a charging power of 800W and is known for its light and compact design. The charger has a wide range input of 55-250VAC with six separate charging voltage versions covering the whole span from 12-96V. It is microcontroller based, connectable both in parallel and series and offers a master/slave connection possibility.  The charger is manufactured at Powerfinn’s production facility in Salo, Finland. The PAC800 is both a high quality battery charger and a real ambassador for the Nordic power electronics industry.